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What's the Vibe with Vibrators?

The Passionfruit Guide to Vibrators

Think of a sex toy and most likely, the word “vibrator” comes to mind. It’s a word that’s bandied across film, TV and books, but what you may not know is that it encompasses a large variety of toys – all targeted at specific areas or for particular uses.

Now, when you think of the word “vibrator”, a rabbit more than likely pops into your head. No, not the Easter one, but a cute toy shaped with bunny ears that target the clitoris. A rabbit vibrator is one that many people start out with, as it provides both internal and external stimulation.

But there are far, far more out there. They come in all shapes and sizes, some are waterproof for a bit of, ahem, rub-a-dub-dub in the tub, and many are really beautiful – from sleek to colourful to patterned, there’s something to suit whatever your style.

Your traditional vibrators are simple and easy to use. With a phallic-like shape, they essentially do the same as a rabbit vibrator, without the clitoral stimulation from the “ears”. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use these for clitoral stimulation yourself – it’s the best of both worlds! Some of these vibes are even curved, lending themselves to intense G-spot pleasure. Others are more realistic than others, with “veins” to make them look like real penises.

Besides your traditional vibrators, which provide intense internal pleasure as well as stimulating the G-spot, there are others made specifically for this purpose. These G-spot vibrators come in all shapes, from curved to straight and long with a knob on the end (see what we did there?). Their mission? Get you orgasming from – you guessed it – your G-spot.

Mini vibrators, often called bullet vibrators, are just that – mini. They’re used for clitoral stimulation and they will get you going. Every. Single. Time. Like most vibes, they have different speeds or pulse settings, depending on which one you’re using, but the aim is the same: a clitoral orgasm.

Finally, you get your couples vibrators to get you both in the right, well, vibe. The incredible thing (wow technology is good!) is that you can use this while you’re having sex – both penis and vibrator fit in at the same time. That way, one partner feels the sensations while thrusting (amazing!), while the other gets all-round pleasure (nothing like it!). Controlled by a remote control – and in some cases, an app – you can be certain that no one feels left out of the pleasure zone.

Our advice? Have a look around our site and see what appeals to you. Playful and colourful? Sleek silver or gold? Sexy black? The choices are endless. If traditional vibrators seems daunting, start out with a mini one and go from there. Or if you’re looking to include your partner, no holds barred, opt for a couples’ vibrator. Not that they can’t play around with you with any of the other vibes…

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