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Sex toys, and our attitudes towards them as a society, have changed significantly over the years.

Not too long ago you may have had to sneak around to find a decent-ish sex toy. Today you can pick one up at your local pharmacy, or easily shop online for something you may never have even imagined.

With the explosion of pleasure as a viable and influential industry, sex tech and the inclusion of digital innovation has become commonplace, even expected. However, like many people, you may be wondering where this innovation is going and what can be expected in this ever-expanding industry? Let’s find out!

Sex toys have come a far way

It seems our ancestors were ahead of the game! Sex toys have been around for a long, long time. In fact, there’s evidence of dildos as far back as 30 000 years ago! 

Fast forward to 2021, and it’s estimated that there are at least 42.9 million sex tech devices in use worldwide. That’s a lot of satisfaction!

With so much happening in the sex toy industry, one thing is certainly clear: there’s a move towards using tech to make your favourite toys stimulate both your body and your mind. 

A focus on your mind and connections

Speaking of your mind, the industry of pleasure is starting to go beyond the ordinary. Through exciting platforms such as Dipsea, people can listen to erotic audio stories in their own time, while enjoying their own company or in the presence of their partner. There are even options to have interactive stories where characters talk to you!

The surge in digital innovations and internet access has also fuelled the rise of Bluetooth and long-distance sex toys for couples. These devices can connect to your smartphone, which you can use to control it from a distance – your partner could even be in a different city. Innovations like this helps couples stay connected, no matter what!

An increased focus on adult sex education

So much is happening around the sex tech industry that some people are finding it hard to navigate. This in turn has prompted the growth of sex coaches, self-help books, and even sex-positive influencers. Podcasts are also becoming increasingly popular, such as Future of Sex, which also tackles many of these digital sex conundrums.

An increase in CBD sex products 

One trend that has become noticeable, not only in sex tech but also in the food, cosmetic and supplement industries, is that of CBD infused products.

Some CBD stimulants may help people achieve better relaxation, which could then help you be more sensual and erotic with yourself or your SO. Be sure to speak to your doctor about the benefits of adding CBD supplements and stimulants to your diet. Their popularity implies that people clearly love it!

BDSM kits are becoming a household accessory

It is quite encouraging that BDSM is fast becoming a common and acceptable way of life for many people. Some research has even pointed out that kink lifestyles like BDSM can actually be an opportunity for personal growth, and potentially even contribute to a person’s healing.

This has led to a boom in BDSM and bondage related equipment being freely available online, almost anywhere. Ultimately, sex tech is constantly bringing new and improved, more affordable ways to introduce kink to your bedroom.

Reshaping the sex tech industry

As with most things, sex toys are incorporating more and more digital tech. This is a great trend but can also be confusing for many because of how it may influence pleasure. Fortunately, we are at a place and time when experts, scientists and even influencers can discuss and inform us about these wonderful innovations, and how we can make the best of them.

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