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Vibrating eggs are designed to be discreet and compact sex toys for intense internal stimulation. They can be used for foreplay, solo masturbation, sex with your partner or even kinky fetishes.

This Vibrator can be used externally by holding it against your clit increasing clitoral stimulation. But the real magic comes from inserting them inside yourself for an incredible rollercoaster ride of pleasure.  But besides from just inserting it and sitting there, you can experiment with different scenarios to bring out the best these sexy eggs have to offer.

These little pleasure eggs usually also come with a remote. This means you can control it from anywhere, even in public. So there’s an opportunity for kinksters to enjoy all sorts of naughty fetishes.

Tips how to use a Vibrating Egg

Use vibrating eggs at home

Whether you are alone or live with others, things can get boring. But instead of just going about your day-to-day tasks with no fun, you can insert a vibrating egg. The result is that every activity becomes a stimulating explosion.

Something as simple as making your bed can be exciting when a potential orgasm is just around the corner. You can also watch a kinky movie while experimenting with your egg’s vibration modes using the remote.

Use vibrating egg outside

If you want to spice up your life, then pop in a vibrating egg before heading out for the day. Since vibrating eggs can be controlled with a discrete remote, you can turn on the vibrations anytime you feel like being a bit naughty.

Think of doing your grocery shopping with a little more than you bargained for. Or going to work in the morning with the egg inside of you, ready to be switched on at any moment and relieve you of any stress.

Use vibrating eggs with your partner

Foreplay with a vibrating egg or plain Kegel Balls is exciting for many reasons. Your partner can keep the remote and decide when to switch on the vibrations or slowly increase the vibrations as the night goes on. As you can imagine, that can leave you breathless by the end of it.

If you’re a little more adventurous, you can put in an egg before you go out but give the remote to your partner. This can give you a nice surprise when the egg suddenly starts vibrating in the middle of your dinner date or movie!


A vibrating egg is a doorway to many naughty but nice situations. Whether you want to experience it at home or spice up your life beyond your bedroom walls, it’s a perfect little companion to a dirty mind. Definitely one of the most popular women sex toy on the market.

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