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The cold winter weather can make getting it on a challenge. Fortunately, there are some sex toys you can bring into your bedroom to turn up the heat and make sex hotter than ever.

Here some tips to have hot sex during winter:

Warm up with massage oil

A good, deep and sensual massage can warm your body up quickly. It also helps to relax your muscles, which can be difficult when it’s cold. Try this warmup massage oil to get yourself in the mood and ready for steamy fun. The only thing you’re going to have to decide is who will do the massaging. To make things more interesting, you and your partner can take turns massaging each other.

Pour some wax over your partner

Nothing can counter the cold weather quite like hot wax. It’s a sensual, and intimate way to initiate a good sex session and fight off the cold. But remember, you can’t just use any candle. Most candle wax melts at a temperature that’s too hot for your skin. That’s why you should use specially formulated massage wax. This strawberry wax is safe for skin and will make your partner smell delicious.

Once you covered your partner’s body in wax, it’s time to make each other wet. You can also combine the wax with a little bondage if you’re feeling kinky.

Enjoy a rush of poppers

Poppers are a popular sexual enhancement for many people. It not only creates a satisfying rush, but it can also give you a few short warm flushes. This can be just what you need when you’re feeling a little cold in the middle of sex. Not only will you feel warm on the inside, but you will also be flooded with excitement to continue your lovemaking.

Wear a babydoll

Sometimes it’s so cold during the winter months that even the thought of being naked can make you shiver. If that’s the case, then why not wear lingerie like a babydoll to bed. Not only are they extremely sexy, but they can also help keep you warm while you’re having great sex. This babydoll is naughty but nice and will let you seduce your partner, no matter how cold it is!