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If you need to take care of your sexual needs, then you need the right tools for the job. That’s where these men’s sex toys come in. They are specifically designed to make the gents wonder why they would ever live life without toys.

The best adult toys for men are:

1. Prostate massager

Men have a hidden gem inside their butts. If you’ve never explored your prostate, you’re missing out on the best orgasms a man can have. It is no joke that prostate stimulation can leave men with convulsions similar to what women experience when they orgasm. Although you can use your fingers to locate and enjoy your prostate, it’s better to use a prostate massager. These have been expertly designed to target your prostate with powerful vibrations that will have you dripping and questioning your sex life – in a good way.

2. Fleshlight

The Fleshlight was as revolutionary to the sex lives of men as the dildo was for women. It is a realistic recreation of a vagina, butthole or mouth. The texture and sensation rivals that of the real thing. There are even Fleshlights that are replicas of famous pornstar vaginas. Besides being great pleasure devices, they can also help men practice lasting longer and going harder. The almost real experience of a Fleshlight is enough to trick your dick and give you endless pleasure and practice.

3. Butt plugs

Anal play is an awesome way to enhance your sex life, alone or with a partner. By using a butt plug, you can gently introduce yourself to the joy of anal. Because they come in different sizes, you can start small and work your way up to something bigger. The best part of a butt plug is that you can wear it while doing other things, like having sex. It makes life a lot more interesting and it makes sex hotter. Silicone butt plugs are wonderful to start with because of their soft texture and flexibility.

4. Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators do exactly what the name suggests. They assist men in masturbating themselves either manually or automatically. Manual masturbators, which include the Fleshlight range, have to be used with your hand. Other masturbators, such as the Tenga collection, can electronically tease and massage your penis while you sit back and relax. The Vulcan range of masturbators are also realistic replicas, but they are more easily transportable than Fleshlights.

5. Penis rings

These are more than just jewellery for your cock – they can help you stay harder for longer. Penis rings are extremely convenient and easy to use. This makes their effects even more welcoming. Just slipping on one of these bad boys before sex or masturbation will help you get one of the hardest erections of your life. If you want something with an extra kick, then go for a vibrating cock ring. It will tickle and tease you but also make your partner happy.

6. Chastity

This might be foreign to many men, but a chastity device can be a steamy addition to a couple’s sex life. If you like roleplaying and want to take a more submissive role, then slap on a chastity device and give the key to your partner. These devices essentially keep your cock and balls locked up in check until you’re set free.

7. Penis sleeves

A penis sleeve fits over your erect penis to give it extra length and girth. They are great if you lack size and want to go a little deeper. But that’s not all. They can help you last longer due to the fact that they desensitize the penis head. Together with the ridged exterior on many sleeves, they make for very happy and satisfied partners.

8. Dildos

Dildos are not only for women, although many think so. Men can equally enjoy the different sizes, shapes and vibrations of a good dildo. If you enjoy anal play, then a classic dildo will help satisfy you, especially one that vibrates. Dildos come in a variety of materials, such as glass or rubber. However, if you want something that looks and feels like the real thing, then you should definitely go for silicone.

9. Vibrators

A vibrator is similar to a dildo in that they can be used for anal play. They can also be used to stimulate your penis. Wands are especially good at giving your penis and balls a taste of heaven. But you shouldn’t only focus the attention of a vibrator down there. Your whole body is a canvas and a vibrator is the brush. So, before you relieve yourself, massage, tickle and stimulate your body from head to toe.

10. Personal Lubricant

Although lubricant is not really a sex toy, it can be used just like one. If you want to play alone and masturbate, then a good quality lube will help you get slippery, wet and hard very easily. Lube can also be used with all your sex toys, making the experience easier and more enjoyable.

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