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There has been an explosive growth in the popularity of sex toys in South Africa over the past few years. Just as porn is becoming more acceptable, so are adult toys. This is good news, both for the sex toy industry, as well as for those naughty individuals who love seeing what new toys the industry can offer.

But is all this just talk? Actually not. South Africa has one of the highest volume Google searches for sex toys, according to a report by the Statistic Brain Research Institute. The 2016 data showed that SA had the third-highest number of Google searches for adult toys in the world.

So, what adult toys are South Africans looking for?

Here are the top five most popular sex toys bought online:

1) Vibrators

These bad boys come in all shapes and sizes. From small pocket-sized versions to big powerful machines that will leave you shaking. Vibrators are loved all around the world because of their versatile nature. You can use them to orgasm when and where you want, you can use them during foreplay to tickle and tease or simply use them to add spice to the bedroom. Those that are waterproof can also be used in the shower and the bath.

2) Dildos

Men and women have been using dildos for a long, long time. They’re easy to use, convenient and always ready for action. This makes them the next best thing to an actual penis. The shapes, sizes and colours vary so much that you can, in fact, get replicas of real male pornstars. Now that’s taking fantasy to the next level!

3) Lubricant

Lubrication has risen to become a standard addition to the sex lives of millions. Not only does it make sex more comfortable and enjoyable, but it can also be used for masturbation, massages and anal sex. Water-based lube is also considered an important element when using sex toys, ensuring that they retain their quality while allowing you to enjoy yourself without friction.

4) Butt Plugs

Anal play is too stimulating to not try at least once. A lot of people think that the only way to enjoy anal play is with anal sex. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Toys like anal plugs provide incredible stimulation that anyone can enjoy. These simple beads come in different sizes and length, so you can be a beginner or a pro, you will never be disappointed.

5) Penis Rings

If there was a way to improve the power of erections and the quality of sex, then it would be penis rings. This simple device has the potential to allow men to remain rock hard for extended periods of time and achieve stronger climaxes. And on a side note, they also look awesome.

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