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Satisfaction at the touch of a button. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Remote-controlled vibrators offer a world of pleasure for singles or couples wanting the highway to pleasure. The surge in the sex toy industry combined with the growing acceptance of adult toys has resulted in incredible sexual innovation. Companies have taken technology and packaged it in beautiful designs to create functioning yet toe-curling adult toys.

Remote-controlled vibrators are part of this wave of innovation. With these new pleasure tools at their disposable, fantasies people never even knew they had become possible.

What are remote-controlled vibrators?

You have probably heard of or even experienced a vibrator. Remote-controlled vibrators are just the same except they can be controlled using a remote, an app or in some cases Bluetooth.

Some are designed with couples in mind. Others are perfect for solo play while others can be easily packed snugly away in a travel bag.

How to use a remote-controlled vibrator

The exact method of using a remote-controlled vibrator will depend heavily on the type you get. Some, like vibrating remote-controlled eggs, can be used by inserting it and adjusting the various vibration modes with the remote. Others, like couples vibrators, will require you and your partner to work together to get the most out of the experience.

Some vibrators are controlled via a downloadable app. This will require you to install it on a smartphone before using it to interact with the vibrator. Once you’re comfortable with your vibrator’s functions as well as how to operate it, you can explore various exciting scenarios.

The pros of using a remote-control vibrator

As you can imagine, a vibrator that can be controlled remotely has many benefits. One of the biggest is definitely the fact that you can adjust the vibrations without missing a beat. There’s nothing that could kill an erotic mood faster than having to take a vibrator out of a deep, satisfying place to adjust the vibrations.

You can also introduce the element of surprise by giving the vibrator’s remote over to your partner. Your pleasure will literally be in someone else’s hands. Your partner can play with the vibrations, switching them on and off or making them stronger. It may be in bed or while you’re out shopping.

Then there’s intimacy. Unfortunately, intimacy suffers when couples are in long distance relationships or can’t spend the night together. With remote-controlled vibrators, there’s at least the opportunity to play with each other, sexually. Some vibrators can be controlled via an app, which can give couples a doorway to long distance satisfaction simply with a smartphone.

The cons of using a remote-controlled vibrator

One drawback of using a remote to control your vibrator is if the batteries die while you’re in the middle of a steamy session. Another issue may be having trouble with the signal, especially if your partner has the remote and ventures a bit too far away. To help with these issues, make sure your vibrator as well as the remote has fresh batteries before using them. Also, familiarise yourself with the range of the remote so that you or your partner don’t accidentally go out of range.

Tips for using a remote-controlled vibrator

Most vibrators will deliver a much more pleasurable experience if you use lubricant with it. Check to see if you have the right type of lube before applying it to your vibrator. Silicone toys, for example, can get damaged by silicone-based lube. So, remember to only use water-based lube if your vibrator is silicone.

Good hygiene will also protect your vibrator and you! Clean your vibrator thoroughly before and after you use it. It is best to use a mild sex toy cleaner, which will kill bacteria but not damage your vibrator. If you don’t have sex toy cleaner, you can also use warm soapy water.

Before buying, ask yourself…

Where do you want to use your remote-controlled vibrator and how? This will help guide you when making a decision on what vibrator to buy. If you and your partner want something to use together in the bedroom, a couples vibrator could do the trick. However, if you want to use it to make trips to the shop more exciting, then something along the lines of a remote-controlled vibrating egg should work wonders.

Making a choice a get a remote-controlled vibrator is the easy part. Keeping yourself from shouting while using it… Now that may be a little more challenging.

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