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You may have lost the spark with your partner or would like to create a new spark with a man you like. Either way, there are a few things you could do today that can make him want you, badly. These are some tricks that will get your man in the mood, and fast.

Here some tricks & tips how to turn on a man:

1) Sexting

Sending naughty messages to him during the day or at night will definitely get his heart racing. There’s nothing like a dirty text to get the imagination going. Keep the messages coming throughout the day, starting small and subtle and building up to more kinky messages. A simple “I want you inside me” is enough to get most men horny. If you are not that adventurous, you could be gentler in your approach. For instance, simply say, “I’m thinking about you and tonight.” Sexting is also a fantastic way to keep the romance alive in a relationship.

2) Don’t wear underwear

Whether you’re at home or out in town with your SO, telling him that you have nothing on underneath will leave him speechless for the rest of the evening. It will also have him thinking about absolutely nothing else besides getting alone with you. Don’t believe us? Try it and see for yourself. There’s just something powerfully erotic about going commando, especially if there’s already a romantic interested between two people. If you want it to have an even greater effect, wear some kinky fetish wear with no underwear, then invite him to feel for himself if he doesn’t believe you. Have fun!

3) Dominance

Not all, but many men, love it when a woman is dominant. This doesn’t mean you have to fetch the leather boots and a whip. Dominance can be as straightforward as saying what you want and when you want it. Telling your partner to undress and get on the bed, for example, can be very sexy. This kind of dominance also involves sex. Get on top of him and ride him or tell him to get down and start licking you. If he wasn’t very interested in bed before, you might have difficulty stopping him from crawling to you now!

3) Lingerie and sexy clothing

Having good lingerie at hand is an easy way to get any guy in the mood. Wearing it in the bedroom can turn a normal night into something spectacular. To make it more exciting, surprise him with a sexy piece of lingerie at night when he least expects it. You can also wear some lingerie when going out. Put something sexy on underneath your clothes so that you’re ready to give him a sneak peek when necessary. Wearing stockings can also go a long way in making a man’s thoughts go wild.

4) Confidence

Not being shy about what you want is a massive turn on for guys. Let your partner know what makes you horny and what doesn’t. Wear the things that make you feel sexy, be proud of your body and walk and talk like you can turn a bedroom upside down with your moves. A confident woman is an attractive woman. A good way to build confidence and feel good is to pamper yourself. Go to the spa, relax on the beach or get your hair done. When you take care of yourself, your attitude improves, and confidence comes naturally.

Now that you have a few good ideas on how to turn on your man, what do you plan on doing to make him hard for you? 

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