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Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be for couples. Singles can also enjoy a sexy night with all the thrills and kink. You simply need the right sex toys for the job. It’s a good thing then that singles are spoilt with choice when it comes to their pleasure.

Here are some sex toys for Valentine’s Day:


Vibrators are a must for anyone who is into their sex toys. If you don’t have one already, then you should definitely get one before Valentine’s Day. They are versatile machines that can massage and stimulate any part of your body. Bullet vibrators are excellent if you want pinpoint exhilaration and convenience. However, you could also opt for a big realistic vibrator that will give you the experience of the real thing with an extra buzz.

Vagina balls and eggs

Just like a vibrator, vibrating eggs can also purr and vibrate to make you tingle. The difference is that they go inside of you and stay there for as long as you need them to. They can be controlled with a remote so that you can play with yourself in your own time. Vagina balls, such as Kegel balls, are fantastic ways to stimulated yourself easily. They come in various shapes and sizes but all work in the same way – put them in and keep them in. The simple act of doing that is sexual magic.

Clitoral stimulators

If you want some clitoral stimulation, then you should try one of the many clitoral stimulators out there. These are usually small and compact and pack an unbelievably powerful punch when it comes to making you cum. Another benefit is that they are easily transportable. You can take them with you wherever you are or use them wherever you want. Satisfaction guaranteed! Check out the Womanizer range of stimulators. They will bring you into a world of bliss you never knew was possible.

Butt plugs

Anal play is one way to make a Valentine’s saucy and hot! To start, a butt plug is the best way to go. They are extremely easy to use and offer a whirlwind of pleasure that you can enjoy at home. With different sizes to choose from you can either start small or challenge yourself to something big and vibrant. Either way, you’re not going to be bored with one of these pleasure tools around.

Sex toys for men

Men who need to release some of their energy should consider a masturbator. These are designed to feel like the real thing but can be used when you like. Have a look at the Vulcan Realistic Anus if you want a night of heavy breathing. Alternatively, you could go for the Pulse Solo Masturbator, which combines quality and technology to give men what they need – ultimate stimulation that’s better than the real thing! If you’re a classic guy who is very particular, then the range of Fleshlights available should meet your desires. You could even pick one that’s a replica of your favourite pornstar! Whatever you want or need, we have a great range of sex toys for men online to purchase.

Valentine’s Day is what you make of it. You could do nothing, or you can make it a day when you treat your body with intense pleasure. Who knows, maybe you will discover things about yourself you never knew before!

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