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Sexy Lingerie from A - Z

Think of sex, and your mind inevitably leads to the pre-game fun. Foreplay is an intricate part of incredible sex, and sexy lingerie plays an important role. Sure, it will likely come off (although leaving it on for the entire time can be so sexy), but the sense of sight is a brilliant turn-on trigger.

Not only is lingerie a sexy sight for your partner, but it can make you feel ultra-sensual too. Just knowing what you’re wearing under your clothes (or what will happen when you take it off), makes sex even more appealing. Not only that, but the feel of the underwear against your skin is so sultry. When it comes to your partner, a study in the Journal of Sex Research found that men rate incorporating lingerie into their sex life as the second-most satisfying factor (after trying a new position), while women rate it fourth. That’s because men are such visual creatures, while women associate lingerie with feeling good about themselves. 

Lingerie comes in many forms – and your personality will guide you to the right fit for you. Whether it’s a little negligee or crotchless panties, you’ll find the one (or more) that makes you feel great. 

We have a wide range! Are you the shy type, just starting to explore your sexuality? Then try some of our gorgeous lingerie bodies, which shows just the right amount of skin. A cute babydoll set works just as well. Or if you’re interested in exploring your exotic side a bit more, how about a half-cup bra and panty set? Imagine your partner’s surprise when they whip off your shirt, only to find your breasts on show immediately… And if you’d like to show off your legs, why not try a suspender set? Gorgeous to wear under a skirt, you’re bound to get your partner wanting more.

And if you’re a guy, don’t worry! Whether you’re looking for plain briefs or something a little more daring, we have items for you too.

Who wants plain old Granny panties? Not you! Head over to our lingerie section for the best of the best!