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Wand Massagers are epic toys that can give women extraordinary orgasms. Their popularity has led to a variety of options available on the market, from big bulky designs, to sleek and sexy. The Julie Wand Massager is one such option. It is a petite, cute and convenient wand that is easily portable and packs a massive vibrational punch.

My partner and I decided to test out the wand. She had never tried a wand before, so this was a good opportunity to see how well it works.

The Review:

The unboxing

Usually, the packaging for a woman sex toy is quite mundane. The Julie Wand, however, came in a well-presented box that displayed the toy beautifully. It also contained tons of useful information about the toy. We were impressed and excited to get started.

The toy comes with batteries, which are easily inserted into the wand. The head of the wand is extremely flexible and can bend around as you wish. The texture was also nice. Soft and smooth. It fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to manoeuvre. All of this made me and my partner already satisfied with the wand’s quality before even using it. It was just a pleasure to hold and is compact enough (16cm to be exact) to store away discreetly or even take with you when travelling.

The experience

Instead of taking the reins with this one, I gave the wand to my partner and left her alone for an hour. She used the wand thoroughly for the full hour. Although it was brilliant in stimulating her clit, she also used it on her nipples. The 10 vibration modes gave her plenty of options, but she was mostly interested in the gentle vibration mode. This allowed her to edge until she orgasmed.

What she enjoyed:

  • The wand was easy to hold, which made it great for edging and nipple stimulation.
  • The vibrations were fantastic. Perfect for any kind of clitoral stimulation
  • The flexibility of the wand meant it could massage while vibrating at the same time.

What she didn’t enjoy:

  • If you’re not wet or don’t apply some lube in the beginning, the wand’s texture is not as enjoyable.
  • The pleasure grooves on the wand’s head didn’t add any extra stimulation.


The Julie Wand is ideal for women who want to enhance masturbation. It is also a great sex toy for couples who want to experiment with foreplay. It is small enough to take with you on business trips or to even keep in your handbag for a special occasion. Simply put, you can't go wrong with this if easy pleasure is what you want.

*Ted Vincent is an experienced writer who, together with his partner Kathy, uncovers sex-positive topics to help educate and inform readers across SA and the world. His insights are garnered from almost a decade researching and writing about Cape Town’s vibrant sex life.

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