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Everyone knows about doggy style and missionary. But what are some of the best sex positions out there that offers ease of access, convenience and deep penetration all rolled into one? Turns out that couples, whether gay, straight or somewhere in between, have several steamy sex positions available that don’t need a course in Kama Sutra.

1) The Couch Surfer

This is more than just “doing it on the couch”, it puts a little creativity in a couple’s technique. Have your partner lie face down over the armrest of a coach so that their ass is nicely positioned upwards while their legs dangle over the side of the couch. Preferably, you would want to do this on a couch that has wide, comfortable armrests. Now that your partner is ready, lean over them and enter them from behind. The stability of the couch and the leverage means you and your partner can enjoy deep and powerful thrusts without losing your footing.

2) The Throne

If oral sex is part and parcel of you and your partner’s nights together, then give this position a try for your own experience of deep throat. Allow the receiving partner to sit on a chair that has a strong backrest. Then, the giving partner should get on their knees in front of the chair and place the receiving partner’s legs over their shoulders. The vulnerability of the position adds to the thrill, while the partner giving the  oral pleasure can do so unhindered.

3) Kneeling Fox

It’s time to go even deeper with the kneeling fox. Although it sounds wild, it’s rooted in doggy style. First, the receiving partner gets on their hands and knees and leans forward on their arms. The giving partner kneels in between and behind the legs of the receiving partner, who then lowers themselves onto the welcoming lap below them. You can go slow, or you can go fast. Either way, this position is for those who want to take their time and enjoy the moment.

Now that you have some new sex positions to try, remember to go slow and have fun. The best sex positions are the ones that are most comfortable for you.

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