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From a young age, your friends would have been talking about sex, and much of what you heard was likely a myth passed down from their older friends or siblings who, in turn, learnt it from their peers. And by the time you reach adulthood, it can often be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Here, we look at the most common sex myths and bust them – for good!

1) Bigger is better

The porn industry has certainly made many men feel inferior, but let’s be honest – that’s just not reality. In fact, according to the Journal of Urology, the average penis size is 8.8cm when flaccid and 12.9cm when erect. We’ll wait while you go fetch your ruler… And while some may rejoice that they’re bigger than the average, their partners may not agree. Sure, no one wants a cocktail sausage, but when it’s too big, it can actually be incredibly painful for the partner, causing chafing and stinging. There is a fix though: stay calm, breathe through it and use loads of lube. The more anxious the recipient, the more likely it is to hurt.

2) Only men enjoy porn

If ever we’ve heard a ridiculous statement, this would be it. There’s now such a demand from women that many porn videos are created with their satisfaction in mind. Women tend to prefer videos that provide a more realistic storyline with mutual (or female-only) satisfaction. Of course this is a bit of a generalisation – just as many women enjoy kinky porn and click on links involving double penetration and rough sex, according to the Pornhub analytics blog. What we love about this? Women are no longer afraid to appreciate and pay attention to their sexuality, ensuring they have a more diverse sex life.

3) Women orgasm through penetration alone

Ok, this myth can be blamed on the film industry – mainstream and porn. Movies depict women coming almost as soon as they start having penetrative sex – whether with a dick or dildo. There couldn’t be anything further from the truth. Women are like a car on a cold day – they need some coaxing and attention. Turns out, 75 to 80 percent of females can’t orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. That’s why foreplay is so important. Whether you use a tongue, finger or vibrator, paying attention to her oh-so-good spots (including breasts and the ever-important clitoris) will lead her closer to orgasm.

4) Condoms take the pleasure out of sex

Sure, back in the day, when there wasn’t much focus on producing condoms that provide more satisfaction, this may have had some truth to it. But these days, there are so many condom types that are designed to provide extra pleasure for both partners. From ribbed to extra-lubricated to ultra-thin, not every condom is created equal. It just takes some experimenting to find the perfect type for you. And what’s more fun than getting to have sex while trying to find what works for you both? It’s a win, win really.

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