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If you’ve ever seen kinky internet renditions of a massage, you would have probably wanted to try it out yourself. But using lotion, baby oil or even personal lubricant doesn’t really make for a decent happy ending to a sensual massage. I decided to test out Plaisirs Secret Massage Oil, strawberry scent, to see if it was worth using in the bedroom.

Here the review:

The Unboxing

The massage oil comes in a very attractive little cylindrical box that also works well to store it. The Massage oil is small, 59 ml, and has a cap that you can easily open with one hand. I first tested some of the oil on my arm. The very first thing I noticed was the potent smell of strawberry. The smell filled my whole room immediately. Fortunately, it wasn’t an unpleasant smell. In fact, it was very nice. If you wanted to turn your partner into a delicious smelling snack, then this massage oil is already your best bet. There are also other scents that you could try, including coconut and caramel.

Of course, I wasn’t going to massage myself, so I invited my partner Kathy to my makeshift massage parlour i.e. a towel on my bed with some candles around the room. I also did a little internet research on how to actually massage someone properly without annoying them. Just on of the many reasons, a massage oil can actually be considered as a product for couple sex.

The Experience

I applied a teaspoon amount of oil on my hand before massaging Kathy’s back. The smell was great, but I noticed after only a few seconds that I was going to need a lot more oil. So I applied another teaspoon amount to my partner’s back and continued. Then, after about 5 minutes, it dried out and I applied some more. This went on for the duration of the massage, which lasted about 30 minutes. When I looked at the small bottle of oil, I had already used about a fifth of it from just one massage! I put that to one side of my mind as I had other things to do with my partner since we were both ready to ruin the sheets by now.

It was at this point that I was pleasantly surprised. The taste of the massage oil was great. Obviously, I wouldn’t go drink it from the bottle, but I had no problem kissing and licking Kathy’s body – who tasted like strawberries. It helped make our sex raunchier, even a bit rough as we bit and licked each other. I even applied some of the oil to myself so that she could taste it, and me at the same time.

Once we were exhausted from eating each other, we hit the showers.

What we enjoyed:

  •         It smells amazing, which makes things more sensual and sexual.
  •         The taste is great and means you can still have intimate sex after using it.
  •         It does feel good during the massage, even if it leaves a sticky feeling afterwards.

What we didn’t enjoy:

  •         You need to constantly apply a lot during a massage, which can make one bottle go quickly.
  •         It leaves a strange sticky sensation on your skin afterwards.



If you like the idea of a naughty massage, then you will enjoy this massage oil. It ticks all the necessary boxes when it comes to providing a sensual experience. One bottle, however, may not be enough to use every day, but it will certainly add a hell of a lot of kink to a special occasion or roleplaying sessions – where your massage turns dirty.

*Ted Vincent is an experienced writer who, together with his partner Kathy, uncovers sex-positive topics to help educate and inform readers across SA and the world. His insights are garnered from almost a decade researching and writing about Cape Town’s vibrant sex life.