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Let’s talk about the beauty of nipple play. It’s not only satisfying as hell, but it’s also an easy and quick way to get aroused. In fact, just a little nipple play can cause some people to climax!

Sure, you can just use your tongue to tease and lick your partner’s nipples. Or, if you’re alone, you can use your fingers to pinch and touch yourself. But if you’re serious about your nipples, like us, then a few adult toys can help you go a long way.

Nipples sex toys, you ask? Yes, there are many nipple toys on the market that can make you feel like you’re being taken on a journey of satisfaction.

Besides giving you intense stimulation, nipple toys can also make your nipples more sensitive and perkier. This will make whatever comes next even more exciting.

Here is an overview of effective nipple toys:

Nipple suckers

These little devices are perfect to heighten your nipple sensitivity. They act as little pumps that perk up your nipples, leaving them sensitive and aroused.

It’s a great way to get ready for some other kinky nipple play by yourself or with a partner. Think about how your partner’s tongue will feel on your nipple after it’s been perked up.

Nipple suckers are also cost-effective and easy to use. Try out this small and compact red nipple sucker. Just squeeze the bulb before placing it over your nipple and enjoy the feeling.

If you need something more extreme, you could try these Max Twist nipple suckers. They work so well that it mixes a little bit of pain with pleasure.

Some nipple suckers are a little more advanced, such as these Bad Kitty vibrating cups. If you want to take your time indulging in your nipples or those of your partner, then these are a must.

Nipple clamps

You might have heard about or seen nipple clamps from Fifty Shades of Grey. But the reality of clamps is that they’re a lot more satisfying than anything you’ve seen.

"These are for both pleasure and pain," said Christian Grey. He’s not wrong. Nipple clamps can give you or your partner an experience unlike anything else. A combination of tantalising pleasure and sharp but satisfying pain.

When it comes to nipple clamps, there are big ones, smalls ones, vibrating ones or even ones that have chains. The important thing to consider is what level of stimulation you want. If you are just curious, then you could try these pinch nipple clamps, which will give you just enough pain to whet your appetite.

If, however, you need something to make you scream, then try these Japanese Clover Clamps. They are designed in a way that when the clamps are pulled, the tighter they squeeze. This can be ideal for those who want a deeper and kinkier experience.

Nipple clamps can be used by themselves or as foreplay, whatever suits you. Once they’re on, they can be slowly adjusted to give you just the right amount of pressure.

You can even keep nipple clamps on while you are having sex or while you’re watching a kinky movie. Every now and again just pull and squeeze the clamps to give yourself a jolt of stimulation.


Whether you’re exploring your nipples for the first time or are a professional wanting to push the boundaries, nipple toys are must-have accessories. They are easy to use, so keep them by your bedside and whip them out at any moment to make your nipples hard and ready.

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