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While love comes in all forms, the kind that involves toe-curling, fireworks-exploding orgasms is on our minds this Valentine’s Day! Because you know what? We're just going to say it, many traditional Valentine's Day gifts are kind of boring. Sometimes spicing things up in the bedroom is the most romantic thing you can do. And while yes, you may see Valentine’s Day as a big marketing ploy to get you to buy tons of chocolates and stream a bunch of rom-coms, why not take the opportunity to tease, tantalise and explore your partner with toys and treats to heighten sexual pleasure too?

Sexy Ideas for Couples on Valentine’s Day

Read through our selection of incredibly romantic, but also spicy, Valentine’s gift ideas for couples below. Let’s get that V-day magic rolling in!

1. Nice: Serve up Breakfast in Bed

Don’t wait until dinner to impress your Valentine. Kick the day off with a beautiful, delicious, romantic breakfast. This is a really easy idea if you’re willing to wake up just a little bit earlier to do the prep and the payoff is getting cosy with your partner to start the day. After all, nothing says “I love you" more than a heartwarming meal in bed. Valentine's morning also offers an excuse to indulge in cute pastries and heart-shaped treats – you'll wish every day was a special breakfast-in-bed affair!

Add the Naughty: Dish up a little love for your sweetie with some luxurious, sexy play after breakfast. Stock up on some sensual erotic massage oil and treat your partner to a morning of extended pleasures. Not to mention there are some great couples vibrators available to give you another reason not to bother even getting out of bed for Valentine’s day.

2. Nice: Have a Candlelit Dinner at Home

Nowadays, there are few things more romantic than skipping the crowds and cooking together at home — complete with ambience and the perfect playlist! You’ll spend at least half as much as you would at a restaurant, and you also won’t be rushed along to make room for the next batch of diners. And while you're at it, there are plenty of easy to make and delicious romantic dessert recipes to enjoy after dinner.

Add the Naughty: And if you're up for another kind of dessert, why not take a bubble bath for two? Sprinkle some rose petals on top of your bubbles and light some sexy candles to set the mood. After all, there’s nothing quite like getting clean before you get a little dirty.

3. Nice: Enjoy the Romantic Outdoors

You could also ditch the normal Valentine’s Day routine and head outdoors for an experience that you and your ride or die won’t ever forget. After all, what’s more romantic than laying out a cosy blanket in the garden, park or wine farm and sharing a spread of your favourite nibbles under the open sky? Take it up a level and enjoy your picnic at an open-air cinema, the perfect date for post-picnic cuddles! 

Add the Naughty: Heading outdoors is a wonderful excuse to enjoy some role-playing together. From strangers meeting for the first time to a photographer shooting their model, there’s much fun to be had! Dress up in sexy male underwear or lingerie and take sneaky erotic pics or even play with some discrete remote-controlled toys from We-vibe under that picnic blanket.

4. Nice: Learn Something New Together

Valentine’s Day is all about getting close and learning a new dance or trying out couples yoga are great ways to learn a new skill  – and each other’s bodies. If that sounds a bit too energetic, why not pottery or art or even try your hand at a cooking class? Either way, tantalising the senses and expressing your creativity together is the perfect recipe for a memorable V-day.

Add the Naughty: You don’t have to leave home to learn something new with your favourite person, simply follow along with YouTube videos at home, and add your own spice! Try out a new sex position while you’re in that yoga pose or enjoy some light rope or tape bondage together while streaming a beginner’s Shibari tutorial. WiFi is the limit to how sexy you can get!

5. Wishing You a V-Day to Remember!

Whether you're a true Valentine's Day believer, or can't stop rolling your eyes at the sight of all the heart-shaped balloons, put that holiday budget toward something that you'll enjoy all year long: luxury unisex and couples sex toys for play with your bae. From vibrators and bullets to prostate massagers or adult gift sets, don’t be shy to try new things! Because sure, flowers and heartfelt cards are a nice way to let them know how much you care, but you know what’s even better? Orgasms!

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