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Some of us love anal more than others. If you’ve been enjoying anal for a while, you might be ready to take it deeper and further. This means using more than just small butt plugs and vibrators. You need something big and thick to stretch your anal muscles more than ever before.

Don’t worry, we’ve got something for you. Some anal sex toys will make you gasp from the moment they’re in your hands and have you screaming for more.

Tips which anal sex toys are best for some extreme stretching:

Supersized butt plugs for the brave

Toys like butt plugs are convenient in the sense that they can be stored away discreetly. They can also be easily taken with you on holidays or business trips. The good news is that they come in shapes and sizes that will make anal enthusiasts drool from excitement.

If you’re ready to make your anal dreams come true, try out an extra-large butt plug.  It will undoubtedly be a challenge to get in and will fill every inch of you inside. But you will eventually stretch wide enough to insert it fully, meaning you’ll reach a new level of pleasure.

Maybe you’re in need of something more extreme? An experience that will leave you both satisfied and exhausted. If that’s the case, a fist butt plug will be as much a treat for your ass as it will be for your eyes. It’s simply gorgeous to look at, but more importantly, your anal adventures will be mind-blowing. Having a fist-shaped butt plug will definitely put your dirty mind at ease.

Dildos For Anal Play

A dildo can give you the same girth as a butt plug, but with the added pleasure of length. This makes them perfect for anal lovers who want deep penetration. This Madbull Muzzle Dildo can be placed on a surface and used to annihilate your ass. It’s an XXL piece of equipment that will be ideal for an anal lover who is unsatisfied with anything else they’ve tried.

Now for the real hardware. Doc Johnson's Rouge Rammer Dildo is only for the most experienced and extreme experts. It will give you the thrill you’ve only ever dreamed of. It can also be used on a submissive for those who want to Dominate their partner. One session with this bad boy and you will never want to go back to anything else. In fact, nothing else will be able to satisfy as much.

Safety Tips when attempting extreme anal sex:

  • Firstly, don’t force anything into your anus. You have to slowly exercise your anus to be able to take bigger and thicker objects. Start with smaller butt plugs and gradually work yourself up in size.
  • Other than patience, here are some other important safety tips:
  • Use a lot of lubricant. And keep adding more lube during anal play so that whatever object you’re using remains sleek and sloppy.
  • Stop whenever you feel pain. Anal is supposed to be enjoyable, not painful. If you’re getting hurt, slow down, add more lube or use something smaller.
  • Get relaxed and massage your anus first. This can be done with a vibrator or even your fingers. If you and your anus are not relaxed, it will be very difficult to get anything up there.
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