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Lingerie can be worn every day, anytime. But there are certain days, special days, when wearing the right type of lingerie could mean a successful day or a “meh” day.

The perfect lingerie for 4 special occasions:

1) Wedding Night

A wedding is a big deal, with a lot of time and attention being thrown into all the details. But when all the guests are gone, you and your lover will get down to the real business of the day.

This is where stockings & hosiery come into play. They will give you and your partner that erotic atmosphere you want, but also keep things classy. Save the raunchy outfits for later in the marriage, for one night just focus on making it as romantic and intimate as possible.

Pair your stockings with a sexy corset to ensure the mood is seductive and satisfying all the way.

2) Anniversary

Your anniversary is the perfect occasion to be filthy sexy and uninhibited. You want to ideally take your partner back to your roots as a romantic couple. That means you should opt for something on the border of being slutty.

Options could include see-through lace, G-strings, cuffs and nipple tassels. The colours would ultimately depend on whatever makes you feel sexy, but don’t mix your colours. Stick to one and rock it… hard!

If you are a couple with a kinky side, bring out the latex and leather wear. Why not? It will surprise your partner and also prompt some “anniversary bonding”, AKA a rough night.

3) The First Date

So, the dinner went well and you’re on the way back to your apartment. You know you want to bang the night away, but you also want to make a good first impression. How do you do it?

This is where you find the middle ground. You do this by wearing something sexy, but not too revealing, such as a bodysuit. A sexy bodysuit can go a long way in promoting some raunchy foreplay in the bedroom without asking for too much. Then, at your own pace, you can expose yourself.

A bodysuit leaves more to the imagination and also compliments your figure. A negligee is also a good choice if you don’t want to go overboard but still make the sheets wet.

4) A Birthday

Celebrating a birthday calls for a really special gift. Take this opportunity to roleplay and dress up as a nurse, the police or a dirty teacher. Anything that makes your partner's dirty dreams a reality.

Since you want to make it a memorable day, a birthday is an ideal opportunity to bring out these fantasies. What better way to remember and celebrate a day like this than allowing your partner to indulge in something they’ve also secretly thought about?

One thing is for certain, it would be much more exciting than a birthday card and cake unless you let your partner eat the cake off you!