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Contrary to popular belief, penis sleeves are not just for smaller guys that struggle to please their partners. They can be used by any man that wants to give his partner a harder and longer night of hardcore pumping.

Penis sleeves are designed to add extra length and girth to your penis. That makes them worthwhile for guys who want to treat their partners to a rough ride of pleasure. But they are also effective in making guys last longer. Because they cover the tip of your penis, they can stop you from cumming too soon so that you can keep going longer than normal. A penis sleeve is therefor a popular couples sex toy.

How do penis sleeves work?

Penis sleeves come in different shapes, colours and sized. However, they all work in relatively the same way. You fit it over your erect penis and secure it so that you can have sex as you normally would.

The difference is that now you will give your partner extra stimulation because of the added size. You also won’t feel as much, meaning you won’t cum as quickly.

Some penis sleeves are also ribbed on the outside. When it comes to penetration, these extra features will make your partner moan a little louder. Since penis sleeves desensitize your penis, you may find it difficult to stay erect during sex. If this is the case, you should go for a thin penis sleeve, or one that doesn’t cover your entire shaft.

Which penis sleeve should I use?

Penis sleeves are not all the same. So, you will need to understand what you want to get out of it before buying one. If you want something to start with, then you can try the Mega Dick Enlarging sleeve. It will make you 2cm thicker and 5cm longer while also allowing you to last longer. It will cover most of your shaft, which will make you feel like a completely new person to your partner.

If you need a streamlined and basic sleeve that will make your partner scream, then you could go for this Bad Kitty sleeve. Its ribbed structure will stimulate your partner until orgasm, again and again. It also doesn’t cover all of your penis, just the head. This means you will still get enough feeling from penetration to stay hard and excited.

When you really want something intense, then this Fun Extensive sleeve should be on your list. It is ribbed right around and has a bulbous, fat head. It packs enough punch to leave your partner begging for more. The sleeve also features raised stimulation rings on the inside to massage your penis during intercourse. This makes it a stimulating and hot experience for both partners.

Is a penis sleeve safe?

The short answer is yes. Penis sleeves are safe. They are made from skin-friendly material such as silicone that also feels amazing. If your skin feels irritated after using a penis sleeve, then you may be allergic to the material.

It’s always a good idea to test any material out on your skin first to see if you’re allergic to it. But if you’re not allergic, then there’s no reason for you and your partner not to enjoy the experience.

Using enough lube on your sleeve before penetration is also important. It will stop uncomfortable friction on your partner that could make sex painful. The extra size of a penis sleeve may also create a little discomfort for your partner at first. But as long as you go slow it shouldn’t be a problem. Your partner may even ask you to go deeper and harder.

How to clean your penis sleeve

It’s very important to keep your penis sleeve clean. Clean it in warm, soapy water after every use or get a mild sex toy cleaner. Once clean, dry it and store it away in a cool, dry spot. An unclean or dusty penis sleeve can make even the hottest sex horrible, very quickly.

Tips when using a penis sleeve:

  • Don’t force it on! Once you’re erect, put it on slowly so that it doesn’t pull at your skin and make you lose your erection.
  • After it’s on, cover the sleeve in lube. This will make penetration much easier and enjoyable.
  • Go slowly! The added girth and length of the sleeve may be uncomfortable for your partner at first. Also, because the sleeve desensitizes your penis, you may not realise how hard you’re going.
  • Clean it thoroughly after every session. This will ensure it stays in good condition and is ready to use anytime you or your partner needs it.

How does a penis sleeve feel?

For the person being penetrated, a penis sleeve would provide a hell of a lot more stimulation. For example, the added ribs on a penis sleeve would stimulate a women’s clit with every thrust.

The longer and wider sleeve also makes your penis feel harder and stronger. This makes sex hotter and will feel like a significantly bigger guy has just entered the game. This could be ideal for couples that enjoy fetishes such as cuckolding. You could also blindfold your partner before using a penis sleeve, which can add a little extra kink in sex.

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