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Body wands ( also known as wand massagers) are versatile sex toys that serve their name well. They are so good at stimulation that it’s as if you’ve come under a spell. Although making you cum is an easy job for wands, they’re much more useful than that. They can massage and tease your body from head to toe, giving you a sensory experience rooted in pleasure.

Practical tips on how to best put your magic wand massager to use:

Body massager

A massage can be a sensual experience by itself. They can also be entirely erotic under the right circumstances. If you want to have more erotic and pleasurable massages, then you could incorporate a body wand into the mix. A wand massager is really a great sex toy for women which can be used by singles who want to relax and caress their muscles during some personal “me time”. Alternatively, you could use them on your partner by using it on their nipples, neck, thighs or anywhere to where they feel aroused.


Using a wand massager during a bondage session is a kinky way to tease your partner. When they’re all tied up and have nowhere to go, you can use the body wand to force an orgasm. If you want to be really mean, you can edge your partner with the wand, bringing them closer and closer to orgasm until they can’t take it anymore.

You could also use it to tease them all over their body, just like a massage.

Clitoral vibrator

This is the most common way to use a body wand. Ladies who’ve used a wand clitoral vibrator will know just how good it is. If there was one way to cum consistently without fail, then a powerful wand is the answer. Using a wand massager in conjunction with lube provides for an even more sensual, erotic and hot sexual experience. If this is going to be your main purpose with your wand, then you should get one that has a flexible head, like the Julie Wand Massager.

Some practical wand tips:

If you use lube, then use water-based lube. Some wands are made out of silicone, so silicone-based lube is a no-no.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. If you want to use a wand conveniently with one hand, then a smaller one with an easy grip is better.

Magic wands are sex toys that you ideally want to keep for a long time and have great experiences with. That means you shouldn’t compromise on quality and go for the best one that fits your budget.

One important thing to remember – take it slow and enjoy yourself. Body wands are awesome machines that know how to pleasure you the right way. There’s no need to rush the experience.

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