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Seducing a partner has its time and place in any relationship. Although it’s not always necessary to seduce your partner when they could be ready and willing most of the time, there are those days when you just need to create that extra spark to get things going. So, here are three steps to seducing your partner’s underwear off.

1) Tease

There’s an art to teasing someone to make their senses go wild. It relies on being suggestive enough to make your partner have kinky thoughts. Try sending a sexy picture to your partner during the day or greet them at the door naked. When done casually, it will entice them to act. After you’ve wetted their appetitive, don’t stop there. Keep dropping a few hints in subtle but obvious ways. Touch them intimately while talking to them or go commando and let them know it. After a while, your partner will struggle to hold back their hunger for you.

2) Talk dirty

Unless your partner is in a really bad mood, it will be difficult for them to resist following your example of talking dirty. Encourage your partner to talk dirty back to you, such as asking them to say what they want to do to you. If you are not near each other, then you can send them text messages, explaining how horny you are or what you’re thinking. When you’re in each other’s’ presence, drop a few dirty compliments. Tell your partner what you plan on doing to them later. Maybe give them a few nasty instructions, like “bend over for me”.

3) Bring home some erotic toys

Good erotic toys can turn a great night into an ecstatic night. Does your partner have a fantasy you know they have been thinking about? Why not surprise them with the tools to get the job done, whether it be a restraint kit or a massive dildo. This is like bringing a gift home for Valentine’s Day, but it will make your partner feel special in more ways than one. It will also be a fun gesture that will get them into the mood for something kinky.

The excitement of having a new, untried sex toy at hand may even help you seduce your partner into doing something they might never have done before.

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