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Anal orgasms are gems of the sexual world. They can be experienced and enjoyed by both men and women who want to explore anal pleasure. This guide will direct you to your own anal orgasms with your own toys.

Anal toys come in all shapes and sizes. You can literally find anything you can imagine. So where do you start if you want to have an anal orgasm? The answer is to start with whatever you want! But if you’ve never experienced anal before, you should probably start with something small, like an anal vibrator.

Here our tips to enjoy your butt play:

What anal toys should I use?

As mentioned, use what you feel comfortable with. A good starting point would be a small vibrator, which would help you achieve an anal orgasm. You could also try anal beads, which come in various sizes. They are easy to use and give you control over your stimulation. A vibrating dildo is also a really good option that will also give you a realistic experience.

Men can try a prostate massager. They are specifically designed to target men’s prostate gland in the anus. This stimulation is extremely potent and can allow men to feel the famed male G-spot.

Have a look at some potential anal sex toys here.

Where do I start?

Before you touch the toys, you should prepare yourself. Anal hygiene, like general hygiene, is extremely important. If you don’t already know, you should learn how to use an anal douche. Being clean before anal play is not just important for your own health, it will improve your anal experience dramatically – this is necessary if you want to orgasm. Any distractions, like poor hygiene, will make it more difficult for you to reach orgasm.

After you’ve showered and douched, clean the sex toys that you’re going to use. Use a sex toy cleaner, which will kill the germs but won’t leave a strong residual odour or harm your anus.

Prepare your anus

Like any muscle, you need to warm your anus up to allow it to comfortably take in a sex toy. Start by applying a little lubricant to your finger and gently massaging your anus. Lying on your side is a good position to try this in. You could also assume a doggystyle position and let a partner massage your anus for you.

Once you feel the muscles begin to relax, insert one finger slowly. Give yourself time to expand so that it doesn’t feel awkward or painful. If you feel pain, continue massaging your anus for a while longer. If you can take one finger, slowly try 2. After a few minutes, you should be ready to insert one of your toys.

Using a toy to orgasm

Now that you’re relaxed and ready, prepare your anal toy, such as a vibrator, by applying a generous amount of lube on it and on your anus. If you’re using a silicone sex toy, then remember to use water-based lube.

Tip: When using an anal vibrator, turn it on before inserting it. The vibrations will help massage and relax your anus.

Take the tip of your anal toy and slowly insert it. If your toy of choice is anal beads, gently push each ball/bead into you one-by-one. Stop immediately if you feel pain.

Once you’ve managed to insert your sex toy into your ass far enough where you are still relatively happy, start to carefully pull and push in and out. Go slowly. Take breaks in between the motions to play with your body. Touch your nipples, play with your genitals etc. This will make you more and more aroused.

Tip: Men should use an anal toy to massage their prostate gland. By doing it consistently and sensually, you can work yourself up to an anal orgasm.

What if I can’t cum?

If it’s your first time trying to orgasm with an anal toy, it’s likely not to happen. Don’t let that discourage you though. The more comfortable you get with anal play, the better you will get at “hitting the right spot”. Just like trying to make a woman orgasm, anal orgasms take practice. Knowing what your trigger is helps. It will also take some time to know what toy suits you best. Vibrators are generally better when it comes to reaching an anal climax, but that might not necessarily be true for you.

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