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So you want to have more sex, but don’t quite feel in the mood? The good news is that many people experience times in their sex life where the kinkiness somehow disappears, and the lust is a little weaker than usual. Don’t worry, here are a few natural ways that can help you increase your sex drive and get your motor running again. (View some sexual stimulants online here)

Tips on: How to have more sex

1) Reduce stress

Stress is known to inhibit a person’s sex drive. It not only makes us feel uncomfortable and tired, it makes it more difficult to get horny. This tends to bring your sex drive down enough that it can become a problem. The first step to increasing your sex drive is taking a step back and reducing the stress in your life.

Reducing stress can be done in many ways. You could pick up a hobby, spend time in nature, or sit back with a good book. One of the best and healthiest ways is to exercise more. Get involved in some sports activities, practice tai chi, or take a yoga class.

2) Get lots of sleep

A lack of sleep falls in the same bracket as stress. It deprives you of easily getting horny and basically makes life suck, not in a good way. Also, a good sex drive and good sex require energy – for that you need sleep.

Try to get a solid night’s rest every day. You can also boost your energy and sex drive by taking naps when you can and eating a healthy diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Avoid too much alcohol. It may make some people a little kinkier, but it often has the opposite effect of destroying a person's sex drive.

3) Plan a date night

Sometimes life gets busy, we’re not necessarily tired or stressed, just busy. This gives us fewer opportunities to get into the mood. That’s no fun! If you’re not actively thinking about getting it on, it’s easy for your whole sex life to just slip away.

Remedy this trap by planning a date night with your partner. And not just cinema and snacks. Plan different things that you know will help you feel sexy and horny. Maybe go for a club night in a sexy outfit, or have a romantic date night at home, with dim lighting and a few sex toys thrown into the mix. The important part is to put yourself in a position where there's a good chance of feeling frisky.

4) Visit a doctor

There may be a deeper underlying problem regarding your lack of a sex drive. If you’ve tried everything else and you still don’t feel the urge to pound something or your partner, you may want to consider visiting a doctor to discuss the issue in more detail.

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