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1) What’s your body type?

Not every piece of lingerie suits every person  ­̶  so don’t expect to look like a Victoria’s Secret angel! Try on a few different styles, whether it’s a bra and thong, negligee or tight-fitting bodice. See what works with your body shape  ­̶  and love what looks good on you! Confidence is the most important aspect here, so you need to be happy with how you look, and feel sexy yourself. And importantly, don’t worry about the size on the label  ­̶  often, different brands have different sizing, so going from a size 34 to 36 or even 38 doesn’t mean much. As long as it fits well and flatters your figure, you’re good to go.

2) What’s your aim?

You wouldn’t necessarily buy a three-piece garter set or babydoll for work, but if you’re planning on surprising your other half, it may be just the ticket. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, but it’s okay if you don’t want to go too far out of your comfort zone. Just don’t go for your usual beige bra and panty set  ­̶  that’s not being daring at all. Ensure you’re comfortable enough to wear it for a few hours if you’re going on a date, as it’s sure to come off soon after arriving home with your lover.

If you want to test the waters just a little bit, get some stockings and hosiery!

3) Is it easy to take off?

Having your partner remove your underwear like some sexy and erotic panties and thongs piece by piece is every bit as sexy as it sounds, but when there are endless buttons to fiddle with, or row after row of lace bows to unravel, sexy flies right out the window. Ensuring your get-up is easy to slip on and off won’t just make your lives easier, it will also keep you in the mood. Plus, if your lingerie is for your eyes only, you don’t want to have to call the neighbour over to help when you’re stuck!

4) Does it suit your accessories?

A long necklace that accentuates your plunging neckline. Heels that flaunt your long legs, leading the eye upwards. A bracelet that sparkles whenever you move your hand over your body. Matching your lingerie and accessories is vital  ­̶  you want to bring (good) attention to your body. So don’t wear neon pink shoes with a red slip. And if your underwear is sophisticated, you don’t want to be wearing plastic bracelets that are jarring to the eye. Black, white, silver and gold are good options that work with almost any colour lingerie.

For fun, sensual garments, head over to the lingerie section on  ­̶  you’re sure to find something that puts the sexy back in your underwear drawer!