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Finding the right condom size is as important as wearing one. But it takes more than just a wild guess for the perfect fit. After all, the last thing you want is to be focusing on keeping a condom on when you should be focusing on doing your partner!

Here are 3 steps to finding the right condom size:

1. Length

The first step is measuring the length of your penis. This is the length of your fully erect penis. So, get yourself nice and hard, whichever way you prefer, and then take a ruler and position it at the base of your penis. Make a note of how far it is from the base to the tip of the head.

2. Girth

After measuring the length of your penis, you will also want to check your girth. For this, you can use a piece of string. Take the string and circle it around the thickest part of your fully erect penis, breaking off any excess string or marking where it loops around your penis once. When you're done, take the string and measure it with the ruler.

3. Compare

Take the length and girth of your penis and compare it with the average penis size. Men’s erections are on average around 13 cm long and about 12 cm in girth. If your penis length and girth are close to the average, a normal-sized condom should fit you just fine. If, however, you’re above the average, you may consider going for a larger condom, or a smaller size if you’re well below the average.


If a condom is too big it will just end up having too much unnecessary space inside, which may cause it to slip off. If the condom is too small, it could just be painful.

So remember, when it comes to condom sizes, it’s not about being the biggest on the block. It’s about having a good time, and to do that you need the right fit, else you may get a lot more out of your sexy time than just an orgasm.

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