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Masturbating is a great way to relax, unwind and release any built-up tension. And sometimes you just need “me time”.  But getting the most out of masturbation is important if you want to achieve the most intense orgasms. An epic climax can leave you shaking and convulsing on the floor, eager for your next round of fun.

Here are some female masturbation tips to improve your orgasms:

1) Make it sexy

If you’re not in the mood it will be difficult to have a good orgasm. You need to set up a time and place where you know you won’t have any distractions for a while. Then make an effort to create the right atmosphere and set the mood. Candles, music, lingerie – whatever makes you horny.

TIP: Watch or read something sexy to get your mind into the task at hand.

2) Use your fingers and toys

If you take your pleasure seriously, then consider employing the use of your fingers as well as your favourite woman sex toys. This will keep things from getting boring. It will also help you on your road to an orgasm worth remembering with increased Clitoral Stimulation.

TIP: Start slow and work your way up to an orgasm. This is where erotic music can help.

3) Use enough lube

If you’re excited, you will most probably get wet. But to make things sexier use lube when playing with yourself. The feeling will make masturbation more intimate, sensual and erotic. This will encourage a much more intense orgasm.

TIP: Use some massage oil on your body and feel yourself when masturbating.

4) Try the butt

This is not for everyone. It can, however, help deliver powerful orgasms when done right. You can use a smaller anal sex toy to insert into your anus while you play with your clit using a vibrator. Alternatively, you could insert a toy in both your ass and your vagina. It comes down to personal preference.  

TIP: Use a vibrating anal toy to add extra stimulation while you masturbate.

5) Explore your body

As you probably already know, your vagina isn’t your body’s only pleasure centre. When masturbating, touch your nipples, stroke your body or pinch yourself. Anything that makes you jolt with a little bit of ecstasy.

TIP: Use a feather to caress and tickle your body while masturbating.

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