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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and even Mr T is adorned with an array of jewellery. Although we’d be very interested in seeing him sporting some of our exciting accessories…

Erotic jewellery (as with some other sexy lingerie accessories) may sound like an oxymoron but in fact, it can heighten the sexual experience, as well as provide a more intimate, loving relationship with your partner. A gift of one of these pieces will create a feeling of sensuality and pride, knowing you’re wearing an intimate accessory hand-chosen for you by your partner. Or you can gift yourself instead – body jewellery allows you to express your personality and style. It can even feel a little kinky, knowing you’re dressed to the nines beneath your clothing, or when the clothes come off…

Erotic jewellery comes in many forms, including nipple clips, rings and chains, nipple shields, and more saucy pieces such as labia and clitoral clips. You even get gorgeous chains that rest on your hips… just above the start of your bikini line. Sexy! And the bonus is that they’re non-piercing, so there’s no need to worry about being in pain (unless that’s your thing, that is). 

Intimate jewellery comes in many different designs, so you can choose one that suits you – and your body. It really is a statement, so be bold! And you may want to leave some hints (like a few images of your favourite pieces) lying around at home for your partner. Wink, wink.