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Who would have thought that electricity could be so exciting? When it comes to sexual pleasure, it certainly is! We’re talking about electrostimulation, also known as e-stim or electrosex. 

Electrostimulation was originally used in the medical world to treat muscle problems, but has evolved to an erotic form. Most often used on the genitals, it provides a slightly painful yet pleasurable experience. 

So how does it work? According to the book The Pleasure of Testicles, e-stim “involves low-frequency electrical stimulation to the nerve and muscle tissue of the body using a power source and electrodes”. In doing so, the tool will stimulate arousal and once you’re there, keep you going for longer. 

There are all sorts of e-stim toys catering to the main arousal spots – nipples, vagina, anus and penis. The electrodes include adhesive pads, anal plugs, probes, clamps or testicle rings. 

If you’re just starting out, don’t be shocked (see what we did there?). The currents range from low to high, depending on your pain (and pleasure!) threshold. It starts out with a slightly tingly sensation and increases to a more intense spasm that excites many!

For a wide variety of sex toys that will have you shivering with delight, head to our Electro Toys page. Please note that these should be used with caution, as playing with electro sex can be dangerous. Also ensure you clean your toys fully with soap and warm water, or a sex toy-specific cleanser.