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Feeling sexy and frisky is easy when you’re wearing the right type of lingerie. But it can be overwhelming to decide what to wear. With so many types of lingerie available, where do you start? Adult stores will give you a wide selection of sexy lingerie to choose from. But they won’t necessarily explain what you should wear and when.

Here’s an overview of different sexy underwear to choose from:

1) Bodysuits/teddies

A bodysuit is basically a one-piece. It’s a combination of a bra and panty. There are endless designs when it comes to bodysuits. From see-through lace to silk, you can find something to match your mood and style. One of the benefits of bodysuits is that they can act as a sexy top when combined with a skirt or pants. This can make night outs fun and sexy. Teddies are similar to bodysuits but are made specifically for the bedroom. Many of them have extremely kinky designs, such as exposing more skin.

2) Hosiery

If you want to cover your feet and legs then hosiery is your best bet. You basically have a choice between pantyhose and stockings. Pantyhose are a little more timid compared to stockings, but both can be worn with a skirt or short pants. Hosiery is an ideal choice for going out, especially if you combine it with a skirt. They’re versatile enough to even wear to work. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying them in your more intimate moments also.

3) Babydolls/chemises

Babydolls look like nightgowns from a distance. But when you take a closer look you will notice sexier elements. They have a loose fit, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. With their dress-like characteristics, babydolls support your breasts while having an intricate and sexy design. These can include anything from cotton to beautifully patterned lace. They can be convenient if you want something comfortable to wear to bed every night but still want to feel kinky. Chemises differ only slightly to babydolls. They have a snug fit that drops down to around your mid-thigh. They can also be worn in the evenings and are fantastic to sleep in.

4) Garters

Garters used to be worn around the leg to help keep stockings from falling down. Today, however, stockings and hosiery are designed to stay up by themselves. This leaves garters to be used as sexy and seductive accessories. They can be worn to tease and please. Garters are popular at weddings, but at home, they can be just as sensual.

5) Bodystockings

A bodystocking can cover your legs, torso and arms. They are similar to bodysuits and come in a wide range of materials and styles. They cover more of your body than other types of lingerie but can be more erotic. A fishnet bodystocking, for example, is extremely kinky and seductive. Other styles include sheer, lace, crotchless, strapless, or elbow length designs. A bodystocking can be worn on its own in the bedroom, underneath clothes or can be combined with other lingerie.

6) Thongs/panties

A pair of sexy panties is a necessity. Your wardrobe cannot be complete without at least a few good pairs of kinky, classy or functional panties. A stylish and seductive pair of well-fitted panties is often all you need for any occasion. A thong, on the other hand, is perfect for when you want to feel sexy, look sexy and act sexy. Wearing a thong and nothing else, however, is a recipe for success in the bedroom.