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A butt plug is a very popular anal sex toy. It comes in all shapes and sizes and can leave your butt feeling satisfied for days. However, are they safe to use? The answer depends on how you use them.

Like many sex toys, there are safe ways to use a butt plug. If you simply take the biggest one you can find and try to shove it up your backside, then you may find yourself in a bit of trouble.

You need to understand your body and prepare yourself properly with an anal douche so that you can enjoy a safe anal experience with a butt plug, every time.

Safety tips for using a butt plug

Use a lot of personal lubricant

The more lubricant you use the better. A well-lubricated butt plug will mean less chance of friction, which can cause minor tears and pain.

Size of the plug

Start with a small butt plug if it’s your first time using one. Your anus is a muscle, and like any muscle, you can gently train it to stretch and take larger and larger plugs. But go slowly. If you’re in pain while inserting a butt plug, then it’s probably too big for you.


Make sure your butt plug is clean before and after you use it. Use a sex toy cleaner, which will kill bacteria while not damaging your butt plug with harsh chemicals. Many sex toy cleaners are also made to not be harmful to your skin.

Remember to relax

If you use a butt plug properly, then it is very safe and fun to use. In fact, it is awesome. It’s normal to feel a little uncomfortable inserting a butt plug if it’s your first time, but if it’s painful you should stop, relax, add more lube, and then try again. Relaxation is extremely important, so it helps to massage your anus before anal play. Your partner can also help you with this. A little bit of rimming and foreplay also goes a long way. Do whatever helps you relax.

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