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Kegel balls have become synonymous with strong pelvic muscles and powerful orgasms. Women have reported immense benefits from using this sex toy. By training your pelvic muscles, Kegel balls will help tighten up your vagina and improve your sex life.

My partner, Kathy, wanted to put the legend to the test. She had used Ben-wa balls before for pleasure, but never consistently with the intention of getting tighter or having better orgasms. She decided to use double Kegel balls from EasyToys every day for 2 weeks to see if it made a difference.

The Kegel Balls (also known as Ben-Wa Balls) Review:

The Unboxing

The pink Kegel balls look simple and straight forward. There are two weighted balls attached to a long-looped cord. At 60g, they are small and light, which makes them easy to grasp in one hand. The silicone is soft to the touch and smooth, but what really makes a difference is the velvet coating. It’s super sexy and sleek. The total length of the toy is 15 cm, and the insertion depth is only 7cm, which make these Kegel balls a good starting point. It would be especially great for women who might be slightly intimidated by trying these exercises.

The Experience

Kathy opted to use the Kegel balls every evening for about 30 minutes. It was necessary to use some water-based lube to get the balls in. Once in, her task was to keep them there. It is not as easy as it sounds. The first few days were difficult. After about 15 minutes, she felt like it was hard work to keep them from gradually sliding out. However, after the first week it got easier.

Walking around with Kegel balls was quite exciting. Every movement is a pleasurable experience that leaves a slight tingle behind. Inside each of the balls is a little weighted marble that wobbles around every time you move. Every now and again, Kathy would jump a little with excitement when the balls hit just the right spot. Despite being known for strengthening the pelvic muscles, they are incredibly fun and sexy to use. By the time the 30 minutes were up, Kathy would be waiting on the bed for something more.

The 2 weeks went by quickly. The last few days were quite boring, however, as the Kegel balls didn’t generate the same amount of excitement as before. There was no formal process for testing whether the Kegel balls helped. Instead, we just had sex as usual. According to Kathy, her orgasms were great, but not much better than before. She did admit, and I could feel, that she was tighter. This led us to believe that if she used them longer, there would definitely be a huge difference. Its true therefor that Ben-Wa Balls are a way of how to tighten the vagina.

What we enjoyed:

  • The Kegel balls were easy to use and even easier to clean.
  • They are not too heavy, but not too light either.
  • They are exciting to use even just for fun.
  • They did seem to help in some instances.

What we didn’t enjoy:

  • They didn’t seem to make orgasms better.
  • They can become boring if overused.
  • They are very short, which dulls the excitement sometimes.


The Kegel balls are fantastic to use just for fun. An added benefit is that they help you strengthen your pelvic muscles. We did experience some of the benefits, but we would probably need to use the balls for much longer to experience the full benefit. Although we are definitely going to continue to play around with them, we’re certainly not going to use them every day.

*Ted Vincent is an experienced writer who, together with his partner Kathy, uncovers sex-positive topics to help educate and inform readers across SA and the world. His insights are garnered from almost a decade researching and writing about Cape Town’s vibrant sex life.

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