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When it comes to sex, many people want to hear their partners scream with pleasure. But when you’ve had a taste of mouth gags, you’ll quickly realise that silence is golden. That’s because the muffled moans of your partner trying desperately to cry out but unable to do so, will make your BDSM sex raw, exhilarating and powerful.

A gag is for those who want something more; those who want a sensory sexual experience that catapults them into the world of kink. It’s an extremely satisfying place to be.

Read on to find out what gag is the perfect tool for your BDSM sex toys collection. Maybe you’re not sure what your fetish is or if you even have one. That’s fine, today you will discover one.

Here the different kind of ball gags:

For the oral obsessed

Using your mouth to satisfy your partner is pleasure at its finest. Licking, tasting, sucking. The satisfaction your tongue can give a person should never be underestimated. If you’re the type of person that enjoys using your partner’s mouth or enjoys having your mouth used, then a ring gag will do you justice.

These gags don’t silence the wearer. Instead, they keep the mouth open. And when your mouth is open, something must go in… This makes ring gags ideal for all types of oral play.

For the nipple play lovers

Touching, pinching and squeezing your nipples might make you moan, with pleasure of course. The moans can be even hotter when muffled. That’s where a gag and nipple clamps combined comes into the mix.

These types of gags have nipple clamps fixed to them. The wearer can have their nipples clamped and their mouth gagged at the same time. With every motion, the wearer will be tempted to scream from satisfaction but will only be able to moan.

For the pet play enthusiasts and other roleplay

A good doggy needs a bone. Fortunately, there are bone-shaped gags for role play kinksters who love pet play. Put one of these on your submissive partner and watch them beg for your approval. They are also very effective in keeping the wearer quiet, so you won’t hear anything besides moans of satisfaction.

For the extreme BDSM kinksters

If you’re in the mood to totally dominate your partner, then try a dildo gag. These are gags that have dildos protruding from them. Once attached to the wearer, the dildos can be used for pleasure by the Dominant partner.

For added kink, many of these gags also have dildos that protrude into the wearer’s mouth. This means that they will be sucking on something hard for as long as they have the gag on. This gag is a good example of a dildo gag and can be used for extreme satisfaction.