Dog Tail Butt Plug - Plumpy - Large

Get on all fours and put your ass in the air with this dog tail butt plug sticking out of it. This dog's tail from the EasyToys Collection is perfect to wear during all your kinky role-play! The large plug has a blunt tip that flares out downwards and the neck is narrower allowing it to stay in place perfectly.

It’s made of silicone and has a dog's tail shape to satisfy the need of pet play lovers or fetish enthusiasts. Due to the tail on the end of the plug, the wearer will look like they have a dog's tail. The wearer will also enjoy the feeling of having their ass filled with a large, satisfying plug, which is easy to penetrate where you need it to be.

The plug has a flat end for safe use, so it won’t get lost up there. It is also waterproof and flexible, so you can use it for all occasions. It is advisable to use a water-based lubricant with the plug.

• Material: silicone
• Length: 36 cm
• Insertion Depth: 10.5 cm
• Minimum diameter: 2.7 cm
• Maximum diameter: 4.6 cm

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