Subdued Full Body Straps

Restrain your partner with seven body straps in varying lengths with this complete bondage set from the Master Series collection. It will allow you to have your way with your partner according to all your deepest and darkest desires.

Each one adjusts to tighten around your partner’s prone body, allowing you to customise their captivity depending on the BDSM session. The easy-to-use buckles create convenient bondage as your submissive is wrapped from shoulders to ankles, effectively immobilising them so that they are entirely at your mercy!

The buckles are extremely secure and won’t break even after a rough evening. All you have to worry about is what lesson you are going to teach your submissive partner today.

• Material: Nylon, ABS
• Length of straps: 36.5 cm, 54.5 cm (x2), 81 cm, 101.5 cm, 104.5 cm and 105.5 cm


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