Realistixxx - Ball Stretcher

The Realistixxx - Ball Stretcher comes with a dildo and adds a second penis for double penetration. The clever strap-on is slipped first with the wide ring over the (shaved) testicles down to the base of the penis and the testicles are then pulled through the openings at each side. The flexible Ball Stretcher is firm enough to hold the stretched testicles and dildo securely, but pleasantly flexible for a very exciting feeling and optimal performance. Also a great toy for erectile dysfunction. Enjoy a whole new range of special orgasms!

Made from silky-soft skin-like TPE, the elastic Ball Stretcher is easy to slip on and fits perfectly. The dildo is easy to insert and flexibly follows your every move. In a penis look with pronounced head and veining, the dildo offers an intensive and deep stimulation. The dildo can also be equipped with a small bullet vibrator (not included) in the insertion of the fixed tip.

Total length 14.8 cm. Dildo insertion length 9 cm, max width 4.7 cm.
Ball ring width 3.3 cm, stretchable.
Weight 108 g.

• Ball ring and stretcher with a realistic dildo
• Strap-on for double penetration
• Exciting to wear, amazing performance
• New, thrilling orgasms
• Even for people with erectile dysfunction
• Dildo in a distinct penis look
• Silky soft TPE
• Stretchy and flexible
• Bullet vibrator can be inserted (not included)
• For sensational double penetration!

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