Womanizer Pro-500 - Black Gold

Based on the same ground-breaking technology that turned the sex toy industry upside down, the new Womanizer PRO 500 can be considered as the "Deluxe Version" that features:

- a more compact and ergonomic design
- a near silent air pressure pump
- 8 intensity settings (including super soft and super intense)
- 2 different sized silicone nozzles
- up to 4 hours of endurance on a single charge
- real Swarovski elements.

The Womanizer PRO 500 is the luxury version of revolutionary new sex toy from Germany that promises a 100% orgasm guarantee. In fact, what most women experience can be better described as a unique, multiple super-orgasm!

The innovative technology stimulates the clitoris with a combination of mild suction and pulsating pressure waves. That’s right: Air pressure waves!

The soft silicone nozzle is placed over the clitoris. At the press of a button the clit is gently sucked towards the chamber while at the same time an array of continuously generated pressure waves are directed from the chamber towards the clitoris. The airwaves stimulate the clitoris with gentle but deep penetrating vibrations, or rather oscillations.

Unlike any other vibrator these airwaves can propagate to all (more than 8000!) sensory nerve endings and deeply stimulate in the most serene way. The result is literally mind-blowing!

The magic of the pressure waves is that they can be felt without direct contact and therefore the clit is gently but intensely stimulated without being over stimulated. It feels good. Very, VERY good!

The intensity of the pressure waves can be increased (by 8 levels) by clicking the swarovski button.

The Womanizer PRO 500 is USB rechargeable and a full charge provides up to 4 hours of exquisite stimulation. It comes in a beautiful zipped storage case and includes a booklet and two different sized silicone nozzles.

If you are still not convinced - The test results of 50 women who used the Womanizer: Over 70% of the women experienced a unique, unusually intense, multiple orgasm within less than 3 minutes! A further 28% climaxed in less than 5 minutes and only one woman did not reach an orgasm.

The sex editor of Women24, South Africa’s largest online community for women, has tested and reviewed the Womanizer and her verdict is:
"This is not a cheap toy. But while your knee-jerk reaction may be to baulk at the price tag, I’d suggest weighing up what you get. Can you put a price on pleasure? On sexual fulfillment? Do you struggle to achieve orgasm? This product was sent to me for review, and to be honest, I'm not sure I would have bought it before I've tried it. But now that I know what it can do, I think it’s a sound investment in physical and mental well-being.”

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