Zado - Silicone Bridle Gag (Z-1)

Interested in trying pet play? Or perhaps you already have a submissive pet at your service. Put a bit in their mouth and enjoy an even hotter training session.

The silicone bit (12 cm long) is designed for pure silent pleasure when your fantasies and desires require a quality submissive experience of pet play. The adjustable head strap with rings (each Ø approx. 5 cm ) can attach reins so that you can really ride your pet to climax and teach them how to be good.

The silicone material is durable and will resist bite marks so that you can enjoy day after day of erotic action. The metal rings on each side of the bit allow for movement, meaning you can experience many new positions as you ride your pet partner to climax.

• Length: 12 cm


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