Zado - Leather Paddle (Z-6)

What kinky fun are you up for tonight? A little light spanking or some hard-hitting? Get into the BDSM gear with a paddle that can do the job. Roleplaying your way to climax with this paddle is going to be easy.

The surface (circumference 9 cm) of the paddle has two faces: a smiling red face and an angry blackface. Show your submissive partner if they've been good or bad by using one of the faces. It's the perfect way to teach obedience, especially to a disobedient partner.

Slap them gently or give them the spanking of their life. This paddle can leave a sting as a reminder of a lesson well taught. The leather of the paddle and varnished wooden handle give it a quality finish that feels good and is easy to hold.

• Complete length: 36 cm

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