Zado - Leather Collar with Cuffs (Z-1)

Being a submissive slave was never so easy and rewarding. This neck and handcuffs will get your submissive into position and serving your every need.

The hemmed handcuffs can be attached to the neck at the side by the hook. This will put the wearer in an uncomfortable but enjoyable position. Slave roleplay or other submissive fantasies can then be played out by any couple interested in the experience. BDSM lovers will also appreciate the durable leather of the cuffs more extreme action is desired.

The neck collar has a D shaped ring at the front if you want to attach a leash to your partner for a more authentic slave experience. There are also multi-adjustable hooks included in this BDSM set so you can get the position you want by limiting your partner's movement as required.

• Material: split leather, metal (chrome)

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