Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Next Generation

Say hello to your new favourite handbag/travel companion! The refined Satisfyer Pro Deluxe Next Generation is a quality air pressure stimulator from the Satisfyer collection. Thanks to the update, the Satisfyer 2 Next Generation is more powerful, but also quieter. It also is waterproof for the best shower/bath you'll ever have.

The innovative air pulse technology stimulates the clitoris with a combination of mild suction and pulsating pressure waves. That’s right: Air pressure waves!

The soft silicone nozzle is placed over the clitoris. At the press of a button the clit is gently sucked towards the chamber while at the same time an array of continuously generated pressure waves are directed from the chamber towards the clitoris. The airwaves stimulate the clitoris with gentle but deep penetrating vibrations, or rather oscillations.

Unlike any other vibrator these airwaves can propagate to all (more than 8000!) sensory nerve endings and deeply stimulate in the most serene way. The result is literally mind-blowing!

The Pro Deluxe Next Generation has 11 settings that you can adjust using the push buttons. The Pro Deluxe Next Generation is easy to recharge with the included magnetic USB cable.

for best results use with a bit of water-based lube for a sensationally soft stimulation.

Passionfruit's range of clitoral stimulators will leave you with the most orgasmic clit stimulation you have ever experienced.

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