50 Shades of Grey - At My Mercy Nipple Clamps

This wonderful accessory is worn like jewellery and brings a touch of glamour to your BDSM games. Move the slider on the clamps to adjust the intensity of the pinch. The slightly weighted metal beads and chain swing as you move creating some serious stimulation and eye candy.

"Christian releases first one then the other clamp, causing my nipples to sing with a surge of sweet, sweet painful feeling." - Anastasia Steele

Designed for sensation which teeters intoxicatingly between pain and pleasure, these silicone-tipped nipple clamps pinch your nipples, drawing blood to the surface, which increases sensitivity and erotic excitement.

Want to up the pain? Adjust the slider on the tug of the chain during wear for intensified pinch.

Just want sensitivity? Wear these clamps for a short amount of time and remove them to experience the sweet relief of blood rushing to your nipples, leaving them ultra sensitive to licks, touches, kisses and strokes.

Includes a luxurious storage bag.

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