Bad Kitty - Silicone Ring Gag (BK-7)

Having fun with a submissive partner can be a lot better when you can keep their mouth open for whatever you need. With this black ring-shaped silicone gag, the wearer’s mouth will be held open, so that you can fulfil your desires and meet their darkest needs.

Complete with adjustable silicone straps, this will fit comfortably and securely over your partners mouth, so that it will not move or fall off, even during particularly rough action. The seasoned bondage enthusiast would appreciate having this effective tool in their collection. Being strong and sturdy, the metal ring (coated in silicone) will keep the wearer’s mouth wide open. They will not be able to bite or force the ring closed, making for a hot and realistic roleplaying session.

• Gag ring: 5 cm


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