Bad Kitty - Professional Nipple Screw Clamps (BK-5)

These nipple clamps will satisfy the experienced person’s hunger for the right type of nipple play and give the pain you want and deserve, professionally. When ordinary and gentle is not erotic enough for you, this will keep you wet as long as you have it on.

Complete with a zig-zag inner pattern on a strong chain, these clamps deliver varying amounts of intense, mouth-watering pressure on the wearer’s nipples, so that you will feel exhausted, but incredibly satisfied after experiencing them. This is perfect for the seasoned BDSM enthusiast who knows how to handle nipple clamps as well as greater amounts of pain.

Far from being a beginner’s date night toy, this item will bring style to the BDSM enthusiast’s collection as well as being practical enough for regular use, for yourself or your submissive.

• Clamps: 4 cm each
• Chain: 31 cm
• Total length: 40 cm
• Weight: approx. 100 g

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