Bad Kitty - Nipple Chain with Weights and Clamps (BK-10)

Put some more kink into your sex life. Enjoy, and scream, with our nipple weight with clamps. If you or your partner have ever wanted to try intense nipple play with a happy ending, then you've found your toy.

The Y-shaped chain has a 70g weight on the end which puts a lot of painful, but good, tension on the clamps. The intense sensations will leave you a little breathless and may make you scream. The pressure intensity is also adjustable so you can decide how much pain your partner deserves.

Enthusiasts of the BDSM lifestyle will appreciate the effectiveness the weight has on the clamps. However, inexperienced couples who are curious about getting their feet wet in the bondage lifestyle will also enjoy this toy.

• Complete length: 40cm
• Weight: 70g

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