Bad Kitty - Black Velcro Ancle Cuffs (BK-7)

Give yourself that extra taste of submissive action and bondage play by putting a pair of black ankle cuffs on your willing partner.

These black ankle cuffs are made of suede with imitation leather edging, giving it a secure yet comfortable fit. The cuffs also have Velcro fasteners and a short connection chain with snap hooks so that they can be fitted on the wearer without wasting time when getting to business.

Once on, the ankle cuffs restrict the movement of the wearer. What follows is up to your imagination, whether they are submissive games, roleplay, bondage or just a chance for you to bring your partner to uninhibited climaxes. The cuffs are easily adjustable to fit as needed.

• Chain Length: 10 cm
• Cuffs: 30 cm x 5 cm

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