Mister B has become the go-to brand for quality leather products. However, this now world-renowned company had very humble beginnings. Starting in Amsterdam in 1994 with just one shop, Mister B supplied the fetish community with leather and rubber clothing, as well as Sadomasochist sex toys for men. This has become the basis of the company who continued to grow and refine their offering of kinky products. Although based in Europe, they have a world-wide footprint, catering to fetishists all over the globe. Curious? Read more...

Today, Mister B’s extensive range of underwear, leather and rubber products include some of the highest quality fetish accessories and toys, such as whips, cuffs, toys, lubricants, and condoms. In the words of Lady Gaga, “Leather, high heels, and a bad attitude, here I come.”

One of their most successful products are jockstraps, which are designed with the highest quality standards in mind. These can be used by all men, whether gay or straight, to enhance their sexual wellbeing.

Erotic jockstraps

Mister B has developed an exciting range of gay pleasure products for men, including sexy jockstraps. The idea of wearing a jockstrap goes back to protecting your balls during sport. However, a jockstrap also gives you an incredible amount of support for your package, while leaving your ass open.

You could even wear a jockstrap as your usual underwear when you go out or to work. It can fulfil the role of sexy underwear whether your clothes are on or off.

Why Mister B?

With a solid track record of quality products for the gay community, Mister B is one of the best choices for men wanting a sexier life. With underwear as exciting as Mister B’s, you won’t be looking back, unless it is to see how good your butt looks in your new jockstrap!

Finding the perfect fit

Master B’s jockstraps are made of 95% cotton with 5% elastane for elasticity. They also feature an inner pouch for ultimate comfort. You’d be silly not to give them a try!

Fortunately, finding Mister B online in South Africa is easy. At Passionfruit we have a wide range of jockstraps from Mister B that will tantalise your body and imagination. As one of the best online sex stores in the country, we also have many other sex toys to cater to your needs. Worried about privacy? Don’t be. We ship our products in plain packaging, keeping things completely discrete.

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Mister B - Jockstrap Soho - Black & White

The Mister B Soho Jockstraps are simply hot. The jockstraps will leave your butt open and exposed, with two elastic bands pushing up your buttocks. Kinky!
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