Passion Pointer Wand Massager

The classic "Hitachi Magic Wand" has come a long way. Now roll out the red carpet for the "Passion Pointer", the body massager that can go beyond a neck massage... It is designed as a full body massager, but it has a soft head about the size of a tennis ball, and is great for sexual stimulation too!

The Passion Pointer Massager is another classic must-have gadget for personal or intimate massage. It's strong consistent vibrations provide intensive stimulation and sexual pleasure like no other massager. We recommend you give it a good coating of water-based lube for the best sensations.

The Passion Pointer Massager just like the famous Hitachi Magic Wand is also a great full body massager. Rechargeable!

• Length: 29cm
• Width: 6,5cm (soft head)

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R 1,299.95 tax excl.

R 1,494.94   tax incl.

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