Original Army Rubber Gas Mask

Show you mean business when you wear this rubber gas mask! This ORIGINAL Russian military gas mask is a genuine army artifact from the Cold War and comes with a screw-off filter.

These heavy-duty rubber gas masks are a delight for rubber fetishists or military interrogations and role play. Fetishists may like these gas masks because of their shape, breathing sound, mystery "dehumanized" look, enclosure, identity privacy, protection feeling, etc...

Wearing this mask may also give one a feeling of isolation and estrangement, lending additional depth to a BDSM scene or whatever twisted scenario you can come up with. We're here to help, not to judge!

• Original, unused, re-packaged by our european suppliers.
• Remove filter seals before wearing.
• Please note: product might be slightly sandy/dusty.

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R 999.95 tax excl.

R 1,149.94   tax incl.

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