Latex Slip with Two Inflatable Dildos

Latex Slip with Inflatable Dildos View larger

These sleek hipster panties are a whole lot of fun! They feature a hidden secret inside: Two inflatable latex dildos, so you can pleasure - or torture - your latex loving sub (or yourself).

It doesn't get much more serious than this pair of high quality latex panties, the nice thing about these plugging panties is that you can choose how large those dildos get, meaning you can start off quite small and inflate them as you become more accustomed to them.

The front (vaginal) dildo measures 12cm in length and 3,5cm in diameter and the rear (anal) dildo measures 11cm in length and 2,5cm in diameter to begin with, but both pump up to nearly double their girth!

To deflate simply turn the screw air release valve. Pump the dildos with the valve half open for a pulsing effect!

Every latex item comes with a FREE Latex Glow Polish to achieve a sexy shine.

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