Get ready to have the best sex of your life with the little elixir of life called poppers. This potent product can have an incredible effect on anyone wanting a kinky rollercoaster ride of pleasure. Whether it is better anal play, a dead bedroom that needs to be reignited, or simply a fun night out, poppers give you an easy and satisfying door into enhanced sexual pleasure. Curious? Read more...

But before you rush off to get your naughty hands on them, let’s first dive into the background of these amazing stimulants.

What are Poppers?

“Poppers” was the name given to amyl nitrite, which also forms part of a broader category of substances called alkyl nitrites.

They have been around for some time and have become quite famous as a “sex drug”. According to the research group, Sigma Research, the poppers “formula” has gone through many changes, starting with amyl nitrite. When that eventually became a prescription-only medicine, poppers manufacturers replaced the amyl nitrite with other formulations.

In South Africa, you can buy poppers at a few sex stores and surely online on Passionfruit.co.za, where they are commonly sold as “room deodorisers” or “leather cleaners”..

What do poppers do?

Poppers are meant to be inhaled, preferably through your nose, which causes dilation of your blood vessels. Once they have taken full effect, you may experience a feeling of euphoria for a few minutes, making you kinkier as well as increasing your sexual pleasure.

Since it is excellent at relaxing your muscles, it’s often used by couples to get ready for sex, especially anal play. It can make penetration a lot easier. Some people also claim to experience feeling warm and getting a pleasant head rush.

Are poppers safe?

This has been a question raised time and time again. Many people claim they are dangerous while others say there is no danger.

The reality is that it depends on how you use it, like with most things. For starters, poppers should not be consumed or applied to your skin at all. You should also exercise caution when using poppers in conjunction with other substances, like alcohol or erection tablets/capsules.

That being said, the UK’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs has stated that “poppers were not seen to be capable of having harmful effects sufficient to constitute a societal problem”. This could be why some countries, such as Australia, have made it legal to be sold at pharmacies.

When it comes to the shelf life of poppers, you should use it or lose it. Poppers can lose their potency over time so it’s best to buy them when you want to use them. Once opened, you should also remember to close it again properly and store it somewhere cool and dark i.e. out of direct sunlight.

Are there side effects?

Despite the relatively low risk of poppers, anyone who plans on using them should be aware that there may be potential side effects.

For one, it could result in a sudden drop in blood pressure and dizziness, which some people may find uncomfortable. Then there is the increased heart rate, which can be quite exhilarating during sex but can be concerning for people with heart conditions, in which case they should probably avoid poppers.

The good news is that usually, any side effects subside after a few minutes, including the sexy effects.

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